Mykonos Gastronomy

It is often said that the character of a place is reflected in its food, and Mykonian gastronomy is truly reflective of the island’s vibrant spirit. Creative cuisine that brings together the finest local ingredients, fresh fish, seafood, and exquisite fare from the furthest corners of the earth epitomizes the local culinary scene, as exciting as Mykonos itself!

Treat your palate in refined restaurants around the island, or delve into the rich culinary heritage of Mykonos in splendid seafront taverns, serving a fresh approach to tastes adored by locals and visitors alike. Savour the true taste of Mykonos, and take your summer holiday to a whole new level of gastronomic indulgence, a pleasure for all your senses!

DUE MARI | Mykonos Gastronomy

Fresh, local ingredients are at the forefront of Mykonian gastronomy!

DUE MARI | Mykonos Gastronomy

As exciting as Mykonos itself, the local culinary scene brings a taste of the good life to your plate!

DUE MARI | Mykonos Gastronomy


There are so many reasons to visit Mykonos; its superb culinary scene is definitely one of them. Explore the island’s diverse food experiences and savour delightful local and international tastes, a journey around the world through taste!

Other Attractions

DUE MARI | Mykonos Activities


Thrilling water sports that will have your adrenaline pumping, private cruises to the hidden gems of Mykonos and beyond, unique experiences to share with your loved ones; a treasure trove of summery activities with Mykonian flair awaits to elevate your holiday to a memorable experience of excitement and fun. Let’s go!

DUE MARI | Mykonos Attractions


Besides the legendary nightlife of Mykonos, the island boasts a number of interesting attractions one should not miss. Discover another side of cosmopolitan Mykonos through iconic landmarks, pristine architecture and historic sites and uncover a hidden gem of the Aegean Sea. 

DUE MARI | Mykonos Beaches


The heart of Mykonos beats on the beach! Golden sand, cool turquoise waters, thrilling vibes and the fanciest of crowds embody the coastal scene of Mykonos, where a seafront party is always about to begin! 

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